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Iyengar Yoga & Mindfulness Meditation Retreat on Møn, Denmark


Michael Morphis and I are excited to be co-teaching a very special Iyengar Yoga/Mindfulness Meditation Retreat on the beautiful Island of Møn, Denmark, July 30-August 6, 2020!

Both Eve and Michael have been studying and practicing Iyengar yoga for close to 25 years. Eve has been teaching for 15 years and Michael for close to 20 years. Both are Certified Iyengar instructors that have visited and studied at the Iyengar Institute in Pune, India on multiple occasions. Michael is also a long time dedicated meditator and a qualified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Instructor who trained at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, where the program was created in 1979 by Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD.

What makes this retreat so special is that these two remarkable, highly complementary practices have rarely, if ever, been offered together. Iyengar Yoga facilitates a 'meditation in movement’ though proper alignment and breath awareness as we enter into, stay and exit the poses, woven together with the wisdom of the Yoga Sutras. Mindfulness meditation expands that journey to all our senses as well as the workings of the mind. Both practices aim to heighten 'present moment awareness' and reveal new levels of clarity and self-comprehension. Similar to the calming, centering effect of a good yoga practice, those who engage in a consistent Mindfulness practice often report a greater sense of well being and the ability to cope with life's challenges with more grace and ease.


There will be two daily extended yoga classes suitable for all levels from relative beginners to experienced practitioners -- an active asana practice in the morning and a restorative and pranayama practice in the late afternoon. As the week progresses, we will build upon a steady foundation of fundamental principles towards a deeper, more refined practice that addresses individual needs and develops each student’s skills and abilities. If you have any physical issues or injuries, we will help you modify for them.

Michael will lead early morning guided meditations (20-30 min.), optional afternoon sit and/or walking meditations, and evening Dhamma talks, sits and Q&A time (45-60 min.). Raw beginners as well as those with both an established meditation practice will have plenty of material to work with.

All this will happen at Strandgården, a Danish farmhouse situated on the Baltic Sea, just steps from the beach (Råbylille Strand). It is a peaceful, soulful place to relax, reconnect and develop your yoga and meditation practice. Between sessions, there will be plenty of time to savor the afterglow of your practice in the unspoiled island setting- relaxing at the farm, taking a swim, a walk along the Baltic sea, or amongst Møn’s gorgeous woodlands and meadows. A bit further afield is the historic town of Stege, the quaint village of Nyord, and the stunning Møns Klint (White Cliff’s of Møn).

Front of Farm.jpg

To learn more about Strandgården and Møn, you can check out the links below. Some of the Danish sites have English versions (look for the American or English flag icon), and if not, you can always paste the danish text into Google Translate to see the english translation 🤓:ønøns_Klint

The full cost of this retreat is $1,700 for a shared room, and $1,850 for a single. An Early Bird Discount of $100 is available through November 15, 2019. The price includes all yoga classes, three lovingly-prepared, organic vegetarian meals per day, seven nights accommodations, and use of Strandgården’s grounds. It does not include airfare and ground transportation. In pure old Danish farmhouse form, there are no ensuite bathrooms. There are four separate bathrooms to be shared by the group of 12.

A 50% deposit registration is required to secure your space, and the remainder of the balance is due May 30, 2020. Payment may be made for free via check, Zelle (, or Venmo. Payments made via Paypal ( will include a 3% fee. Checks should be made payable to Eve Holbrook at the address below:

Eve Holbrook
101 Lafayette Ave., Apt. 15i
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Since space is limited to 12 people, we expect it to fill fairly quickly, so we recommend reserving your space soon.

Please note that the travel days are July 30 and August 6. On July 30, the retreat will begin with a restorative class at 4:30pm, followed by dinner, Orientation, Dhamma Talk, and Sit. Please arrange to arrive in time to join us for these. On August 6, there will be a morning sit, followed by breakfast from 8-9 before departure. I have included the schedule for August 1-6 below, as well as directions to the farm from Copenhagen.

To register, please send an email to Michael or Eve with your room preference, and we will confirm availability and send you a registration form.

We are very excited about this retreat and we hope you will join us!!!

Daily Schedule

7-7:30 am - Morning Mindfulness Meditation Sit *
7:30-8 am - Tea, Coffee, Light Snack
8-10 am - Asana
10 am - Breakfast/Brunch
10:30 - 2 pm - Free Time with an optional Sit and/or Walking Meditation from 1:30-2 pm *
2 pm - Light Lunch
4:30-6 pm - Restorative & Pranayama
6:30-7:30 pm - Dinner
8 pm - Dhamma Talk, Sit*, Q&A

*As the Retreat progresses there will be less guidance and more silence during the Meditations. We will explore all the fundamentals of establishing, building and /or restarting your own practice, whether you're a beginner or have experience with meditation.

Directions via train/bus from Copenhagen’s airport (CPH):

1. Take the train to Copenhagen’s Central Train Station (15 minute ride)
2. Transfer to the train to Vordingborg (1 hour and 15 minute ride)
3. At Vordingborg station, walk about 20 yards to the bus stop where you transfer to the bus to Stege (45 minute ride)
4. Get off the bus and take a taxi from Stege to Strandgården (15 minute ride) or we will provide a shuttle.

*Directions via car from Copenhagen's Airport (CPH):
(can also be found on Google Maps GPS or the Maps App)

1. Continue to E20
2. Follow E20 and E47 to Monsvej/Route 22/Route 59 in Vordingborg. Take exit 41-Vordingborg from E47.
3. Continue on Route 59. Take Route 287 to Bundgardet 45 in Stege.

*Møn is a relatively large island (84 sq mi), so if you plan to do sightseeing beyond the area of Strandgården (Råbylille Strand), please consider renting a car. If you are interested in sharing a rental car with other participants, please indicate so on the registration form so we can put you in touch with each other.