June 19, 2017

New study shows promise of yoga in treating back pain

A new study says yoga may be as good a treatment for back pain as physical therapy. One person who might agree is 74-year-old Judith Zaborowski, who took up yoga more than 10 years ago to help with her aching back.

March 21, 2017

Meet Eve Holbrook

Eve Holbrook’s thespian genes (she’s Hal’s daughter and her maternal grandfather, Robert Rossen, directed Paul Newman in The Hustler) were guiding her before 9/11. In the days following the terrorist attacks, she took stock of her life and realized that her profession often felt like an empty enterprise.

December 16, 2016

A Manhattan Yoga Studio for Bad Backs

In the era of hip-hop yoga and handstands on Instagram, it’s easy to associate yoga with impossibly lithe and limber young people. Those with chronic back pain, arthritis or a bum hip might not feel so welcome in a power vinyasa class.